One pearl is beautiful on its own.  Many pearls strung together makes a strand.  A strand of pearls is classic, elegant, prized, and aptly…signifies wisdom acquired through experience.

What do pearls have to do with health?

Excellent health is cultivated by a series of healthy decisions over time. String a bunch of good decisions together and you have something substantial.

Tony Robbins says, “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” 

The threaded part (let’s say it’s silk) of the strand of pearls is my commitment.  I am crystal clear that to be healthy, I must be in a committed relationship with my commitment to health.

Monogamy all the way.  No flirting or swinging with the dark side.                  pearls

The dark side being dead, processed, white sugar, health robbing, how-can-we-even-call-that-crap-food, food. The dark side is indulging and succumbing to the cultural din of disease. Or choosing to ignore the wisdom of my body. Or not stretching or moving or holding sacred space for my health needs.  Just to name a few.

There are always plenty of choices on the dark side.

Not making a decision is a decision.  Sometimes we let good decisions go unmade.  Time passes and we stay stuck where we are.  For me, that is probably one of the most destructive. I’ve come to learn that it’s a form of self-abuse because I don’t trust myself.  Yet, making good choices is actually what cultivates self-trust.  The proverbial vicious circle.  And, I sit at the control panel.

The pearls that I string onto my silk thread are my good choices.  Good health is simply a series of choices held together by my commitment.  Great health is a series of even better choices.


My silk thread is strengthened by daily practice, my pearls are…

  • a morning ritual of meditation, prayer, envisioning, and clear intention
  • carving out time to pre-prepare my meals
  • eating only whole and real food in order to BE whole
  • minding my thoughts to align with my clear intentions
  • never leaving my center
  • being kind and loving in my own head, I can no longer allow myself to be mean. As my mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  That applies 100% to the way I talk to myself
  • choosing love
  • moving daily, throughout the day
  • stretching to release life force from all the places and spaces it hangs out in my body
  • taking care of myself with natural, chemical-free products
  • breathing deeply to take in fresh, vital, energized cosmic life force
  • staying present to the moment
  • never leaving myself
  • being in, and loving nature (I mean really loving her, telling her I love her, taking care of her, asking her to show me how to live in harmony with her), the nature of nature is to heal, she teaches me this
  • allowing life rather than resisting it
  • bathing myself in light  (I’m a ‘light side’ girl all the way)
  • choosing for my heart to be the pilot and my head to be the co-pilot and NOT the other way around. ever.
  • cultivating my creativity
  • laughing as much as possible
  • awakening the internal blueprint encoded in all cells for divine health

This is a lovely strand of pearls to me.  You may wonder what a few of them have to do with ‘health’, but everything has to do with health. Seriously.  Health is circular and whole, not segmented and compartmentalized. Our whole life affects our health.

And just what do ‘pearls’ have to do with good health?  Well,

a) I just made it up because it’s my blog and I can :); and

b) if every good choice is like a pearl (vs. say a spit wad, sorry but gross graphics speak volumes :), then whether I’m into wearing pearls or not, they are a great investment and I want a pair of the finest.

In case it hasn’t crossed your mind yet.  Fake pearls have no true value, while real ones do.  Applied to food: fake food has no value, while real food does. The real value here is energy. I figure I either go real or go home.  The best part is, I am home when I go real.

Bonus: It is always a good time to return fear to love

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