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*Chinese Medical Acupuncture Services Visa, M/C, HSA accepted + $4
1st Visit Wellness Consultation (1 hr. to 1-1/4 hr.): Comprehensive health evaluation including treatment
Subsequent Treatments (3/4 hr. to 1 hr.) $85.00

Herbal Consultation (20 min.)**

**does not include cost of herbs or supplements
* We gladly provide you with a ‘super bill’ to send to your insurance company for reimbursement of services.

Quantum Qi Healing Session &/or Tapping to Release Cravings, Overeating, Poor Food Choices:

A gentle release process, approx. 30 min. by phone, Skype, or in person $85.00

Mentorship to Health Packages visit:


Nutritional or Hormone Counseling

  • How to Get a Grip + Game plan for changing your eating habits successfully
  • Balance your hormones naturally
$85.00 for 30min. Phone or In-Person

Create Your Health Naturally ~ High Level Health Activation

Programs based on individual needs Quoted Individually

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