how-to-treat-headaches-with-traditional-chinese-medicine-1In the Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) model we support our Qi (which is our energy, vitality and life force) in two ways. The first is via breath.  The reason breath is understood as so important in TCM is that it provides oxygen to our body carried in the air via our breath.  The second way we support and build Qi is via the food we eat.  Food is life force.  The food we eat is either alive with life force or dead.  An example of dead would be processed food.  An example of alive with life force would be vegetables.

We have so many functional needs in our body.  Needs such as respiratory function, cardiovascular (heart and blood circulation) function, digestive function, endocrine (hormonal) function, and immune function, muscle/skeletal function, to name a few.  It takes a lot of energy to carry out all the various functions of these systems.  If you really take a minute and think about it, you’ll hopefully get a glimpse of how much is going on inside that we don’t give much thought to (unless a problem arises which gets our attention).

According to TCM, we build Qi daily.  Every 24 hours, we need enough Qi to carry out all our internal functions.  It takes fuel to run a car and it takes Qi, or energy, to run a body.  If there isn’t enough Qi, then something suffers.  If that happens over and over, there will be a breakdown in the body.

You might be thinking you breathe and you eat, so you’re good.  I would ask you to consider that it’s “how” you breath, and it’s “what” you eat that makes or breaks your health.   If you add up short, shallow, stressy breathing, with dead, processed food, over time your body must speak up.  A body speaking up is a symptom or health problem.  Most people don’t like it when symptoms appear.  Most people want them quieted down as soon as possible no matter the method.  Totally understandable, nobody likes to feel poorly.   Turns out the methods are important.  For example, taking a medication for something a change in diet can do won’t solve the underlying problem.  Getting to the root of the problem is important.  Personally, I look for methods that help me do that.

Symptoms and health problems are intelligent messages to you.  Your body doesn’t have any other way of getting your attention to “speak” its needs.  I can guarantee you (and I don’t guarantee much :), if you begin with a steady stream of deep breaths (i.e. oxygen) all day long, and upgrade your food choices to alive and whole, you will notice a big difference right away.  Game changer actually.  If something is still persisting, get help.  Let the brilliance of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) guide your internal functions back to normal.  Learn from people who have created health from the inside out.

Health is a dynamic dance, not a static state.  I’m glad I’ve learned to dance.  It’s also more fun that way!


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Bonus: It is always a good time to return fear to love

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