141233017You were born programmed to be healthy.  Your body knows exactly what to do for health to flourish.  You were born with a blueprint for health.  Allow me to explain why your health blueprint is really important.

As a healthcare provider for over 20 years, I’ve watched the overall quality of health decline and this makes me sad. I finally figured out a key ingredient that has been missing for almost everyone while working to support people in being as healthy as possible. Myself included.

Let’s cut to the chase so you can get going on awakening your innate, natural blueprint for health that already exists inside of you right now.  There is a big freeway system in your body.  All these roads allow for blood to travel back and forth from your knee to your heart.  From your stomach to your brain.  From your shin to your liver and so forth.

Keeping the roads open for traffic to move is vital.  Traffic jams create problems.  You already know this from the roads you travel in your city.

What creates traffic jams in the body?  Well, unfortunately, it starts young.  You hit your head on the coffee table while learning to walk, you fall out of a swing, break an arm when bicycling off the curb wrong, you go to school where all kinds of stuff goes down, your parents might divorce, teenage years wreak havoc emotionally, college years take a toll on your liver, working to support your family, you might get a divorce, people die, food choices are often marginal, toxins loom, technology steals your attention,  feelings of inadequacy, being unlovable, and disconnection become too prevalent.

It’s not all bad, strewn in and around all that are incredible moments of love, joy, and hopefully deep contentment.  This is what keeps us in the game.

You might wonder what any of that has to do with your body being able to access health or not (or another way of saying “Is your blueprint awake or asleep?”)  Here’s why it matters.  Everything we experience either moves through breezily or gets stuck.  If it gets stuck it creates traffic jams in your freeway system.   If left unattended over time, the roads closed and the body has to re-route the flow of blood.  Blood carries everything everywhere.  These traffic jams choke off your body’s ability to be healthy.

How do you know if you have road closures, re-routes, and diminished flow?  If you aren’t healthy, if you have symptoms, if you have pain somewhere.  I don’t know many adults who are completely symptom-free.  We’ve come to accept it as “normal” in our culture.  It’s not normal, it just happens to be all too common.

A healing process that I’ve been practicing and teaching for several years now is the simplest, most elegant way I know to remove the roadblocks (however longstanding), keep things open, flowing and unblocked.  The things people say about it warms my heart.  Things like, “I feel free from that guilt for the first time in my life”, “That shoulder pain is finally gone”, “I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders”, “Relief from that trauma is SO liberating”, “That long-time issue is completely gone”, “That problem no longer drains me”,  “I can think clearly in my work again”.

I could go on.  I love that I can sit with someone, take them through the process, and help them release something in as little as 20 or 30 minutes.  No drudging up the past, no drama necessary, simple, easy, and incredibly effective.  Often instantly.

The time to heal is now.  There is no rush, and there’s no time to waste either. I’m committed to your healing. To you releasing everything in the way of divine right flow in your body, I am committed. Love takes place when old energy is released. This is the main reason I’m committed to this. The more love allowed in your system the better.

It’s an honor to witness the things people describe what happens when they allow love to replace the old.  One person got a promotion at work with more pay, another met and married a great partner, another repaired a damaged relationship with her sister, another finished her degree (she’d quite a year before the finish line 13yrs prior).  When there is flow in your body, there is a possibility.  When there is flow there is health.  No small matter this process.

You can call by phone, skype, or come in person (all by appointment) for a session.  You’ll see the difference in yourself before and after.  The other thing I love about this process is I teach you how to do it throughout your day (it’s simple) so you can keep things moving.  It’s the ‘ole idea of teaching you to fish rather than giving you a fish.

This process is so valuable because it enables everything else you’re doing for your health to work more effectively.  Thus, you get where you’re going faster and spend less money.

I invite you to book a session for yourself.  Upon completion you will feel open, peaceful, relieved of what you brought to the session for release, and empowered to continue the process in your life.

By the way, the energy that releases or transforms (the old roadblocks) is gone for good.  You don’t need to keep chasing it down.  It’s over.

For more information:

I look forward to facilitating a powerful healing for you.

Call (858) 270-6614  or e-mail:  aculauriemorse@gmail.com  to book a session

Sessions are $85 for 30min. or 3 sessions for $225 (save $30)

Most people can move through an incredible amount of “stuff” in 3 sessions!

One more thing…the final results of going through this process is the same as doing meditation…lowers stress, lowers cortisol, lowers inflammation, regulates heart rhythms, supports good digestion, better sleep, better immune function, lowers anxiety, helps depression (all researched, not just me saying it).  This is a big bang payoff for a small investment.

If you’ve tried to meditate and haven’t felt very good at it, this is a great solution.  If you care to read more about the benefits of meditation you can go here:


This healing process that we’ll do together, and I’ll teach you how to do on your own, has the same effects as meditation. I’ve never met anyone who can’t do this, it’s completely possible for you.

Bonus: It is always a good time to return fear to love

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