Give me 6 weeks and I’ll teach you my proven system for creating your health naturally and joyfully. This program is designed SPECIFICALLY for you if you’ve tried many things already but keep coming up short…

  • Want to feel your energy all day, every day?
  • Tired of spending too much money to be healthy?
  • Unsure what to do next?
  • Know you’re meant to enjoy well-being but can’t quite reach it?

Dear Health Seeker,

Do you know you have a blueprint of health living inside you, but you can’t seem to read it, or awaken it?

Do you feel like it’s so difficult to find your recipe for health? Are you trying everything you know to try and still feel like you’re spinning your wheels, not getting any closer to the health you deeply desire? Are you confused by all the mixed information around every turn?  Not sure what to do next to create health and wholeness in your body? Don’t have a good health care provider that listens to you? Wondering how you’re going to navigate through the healthcare system?


Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You know what it’s like to feel well, but you haven’t felt that for so long that you fear it’s no longer possible, or reasonable to expect.
  • You know that when you feel good and right in your body, you think more clearly, you love bigger, and enjoy life so much more.
  • You’ve noticed it’s getting more difficult to stay centered, stress-free, and happy when you feel poorly.
  • You try a new supplement, or treatment and it feels good for a little while, but then you slip back to square one.
  • You do your best to eat well, you keep improving on that, you might even be tending to it very diligently, but you still fall short of feeling as good as you know you should.
  • You want to be more in your life, but there doesn’t seem to be enough gas in your tank. You alternate between hopeful and discouraged about this, and frankly, it’s exhausting.

If you relate to even one of these, then you’re in the right place.  Keep reading, because…

CustomerSiteImage-1.aspxI’m Laurie Morse, and I’ve been where you are.

My story is probably a lot like yours: I’ve felt well and loved it, then lost it. Twice. After all, I’ve been a health care provider for 23 years, I’m not supposed to lose it. When I felt at my worst, I knew it wasn’t right. I knew there was more to it than the right supplements, but I didn’t know what. I struggled.

The biggest problem was – I was using all my energy to try and make my health problems go away. I didn’t realize I was adding fuel to the fire.

I was a mess on many levels, yet there was nothing my doctors could find. All my tests kept coming back fine. But I didn’t feel fine at all. I cried a lot and laughed very little.

I was already doing ALL the right things…exercising, eating extremely well, taking herbs and supplements, meditating, reading like crazy, getting various treatments, etc. It was frustrating to be working so hard and not get the results I ached for.

I kept reading that if I did all these things, I’d be healthy. But that was only part of the truth.

What I found to be true is: Do these things and be healthy if I awaken my blueprint for health and wholeness already inside me, then these things will work.

I finally figured it out. With a lot of trial and error, and many detours along the way, I created a process ~ a step-by-step system ~ that allows me to feel good every day. To sleep well, have energy, know the right things to eat or not eat, feel clear and happy all day long.

There is no price I can put on this because it allows me to do and be everything else that’s important to me.

As part of my journey, I had to use leading-edge healing processes to get past the places I was stuck. I found that these were a critical part of my success. They still are.

Does this system work?

I decided to take the path of this program at the recommendation of my personal trainer. What happened from there, and due to a personal disappointment with today’s traditional medical field, I decided to stick with it.  It was like being brought back to Health Class 101.

Your body tells you what you need and what you don’t need. It has its own intelligence.  It took me to get to get to this program to remember this.  And, this program, in my opinion doesn’t ‘cover’ a symptom; the approach focuses on eliminating a problem and getting the body back in balance to it’s natural state.

When I began the program, I intuitively knew I was in the right place.  Originally, I decided to do it for a couple of concerns.  I had no idea that I’d need it for more health challenges down the road.  The Universe works in mysterious ways!  When I finally made a commitment to my health, money became less of an issue. I consciously choose to make the time for my health.  I feel great, worry less, and trust I have a care-giver/healer/supporter who believes in what she does.

My journey has been enlightening to say the least.  The intuitive nature of Laurie’s health awareness is extremely valuable. She understands the body and it’s energy, she’s excellent at her work, and she genuinely desires that all humans live a life of good health.  In addition, Laurie has been through a lot of her own health experiences as well.  As a woman this holds credibility with me….And, she spends time with me, I never feel rushed.  When was the last time a doctor spent time with you?

~ Felicia B.

I'm going to give you a step-by-step system to:

  • Start where you are and figure out what to do next for maximum results.
  • Awaken your blueprint, or pattern of health that is inside of you. Finally.
  • Master health choices to feed this blueprint in order to feel as good as possible in your body, emotions, your entire self.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have rock solid systems for transforming the different areas of your health (even the area you’ve tried and failed at for years)
  • Sleep well, awaken refreshed, enjoy clarity, creativity, and vigor all day long.
  • Access that place inside of you that is centered in peace, calm and trust. Anytime you choose.
  • Break the cycle of fear and procrastination by unhooking from the cultural spell that your body is supposed to break down and get sick.
  • Learn to amplify your health within a few days with just a few simple steps.
  • Navigate your health care providers so they support what’s important to you.

Dear Laurie,

I have been meaning to write this thank you for long time.  I have really been enjoying feeling so good, more than I even thought I would: it's the closest I've come to flying.

And I believe your program made all the difference in the world in making my healthy life possible. I started reading, listening, and applying it when I was staring my 39th birthday in the face.  I was hopeless, depressed, frustrated, demoralized, disoriented, and disintegrating. Um, it was not a good time. But I would listen to your voice on the CD every night as I was falling asleep. It offered me such comfort, such a deep affirmation - one powerful enough to push all that negativity aside and uncover something else. I'm not sure exactly what got uncovered, but whatever it was, it worked. I began feeling better right away, and then little by little, over the next year I was completely healthy again.  It was a dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart.

~ Briana G.

Now more than ever, the world needs transformation to wholeness.  The world needs you to be healthy and whole.

Healthy people have a greater impact on their family, friends, co-workers, on everyone around them.  This is a bigger contribution than you may realize.

IF ALL YOU EVER DO is become the healthy and whole person you are designed to be, that you already have the internal blueprint for, IT WOULD BE ENOUGH for the world.

People need to take their awareness of health to the next level.  They need to rise above the din of disease and claim it.

Yet I see so many people who resist a few simple things that can take them from feeling barely tolerable, to feeling good every day, plenty of energy for everything.  That’s why I’ve created a 6-week program to take you from tolerable to top-notch.


You will complete this series knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to begin creating your health and feeling good every day.  PLUS, you’ll have the internal resources to implement this plan.  Now you can discover your own unique strengths with a step-by-step system that aligns you with the cellular intelligence of health just waiting for your cue.

You'll discover how to:

  • Get your health on a better track using what you already have (you’ve already spent the money, might as well use what you have).
  • The secrets to finding the right ingredients to your health recipe, it’s different for everyone.
  • Release and get rid of old patterns and old energy, blocking your natural design of health.
  • Awaken and accelerate your body’s capacity to heal.
  • Feel comfortable and confident about choosing your health, which is different than the cultural current.
  • Know what are the right things for you to do (or not do) to support your health

You’ll also discover that the skills you learn are universal, applying them to your birthright of health will allow you to use them for other areas of your life that are important to you.  Your whole life will improve.

We’ll re-vision what’s possible in a way that is both effective and doable.

I’ll give you the exact steps you need to take your health to the next level and beyond.  It’ll be straightforward, no guesswork.  You’ll leave with a system for success you can immediately play with.

We’ll make mindset changes, and clear old blocks, FAST, with cutting edge techniques like Quantum Qi Healing Process.  This process has been used by thousands of people all over the world for any issue you can think of.

You won’t just use the Quantum Qi Healing Process in the program.  You’ll learn how to use it for every aspect of your health, so allowing your natural health to emerge becomes easier and easier.


I just wanted to let you know how much I loved this program.  I appreciate you so very much, I don't know if I'll ever be able to express how very much I do.  Thank you for being such a great human being and for being such an inspiration to those of us looking to better ourselves.  You are an amazing teacher and it helps so much to know that you aren't perfect yourself.  You’ve had have your struggles and work to improve yourself.  It lets the rest of us know that there really isn't a magic CD we listen to for an hour a day for a week and then we'll be the healthiest, sexiest, smartest person ever.  It does take work, it takes time, and it takes patience.  And it takes belief in ourselves.

Thank you for this program!  It has made all the difference to me.  I look forward to the next program!

~ Kaitlin T.

The powerful components you’ll experience in these 6 weeks include:

Module 1 – What Do You Want and Why?

  • Map the connection between your current health, the health you desire, and what’s missing.
  • Identify why health is deeply important to you. Most people are surprised.
  • Find your internal blueprint of health inside of you and activate it for maximum healing and regeneration.

Module 2 – Removing Barriers to Your Health

  • Learn a step-by-step process for releasing everything that hinders your health.
  • Access the parts of yourself that you didn’t even know you had, but will give you your health.
  • How to get the “real you” out of your head and into your authentic intelligence to mine your gold.

Module 3 - Organize Your Choices

  • Learn the 3 best ways to make your choices so they are maximally effective and stick long term.
  • Create a high-level health lifestyle.
  • Discover the ins and outs of navigating all the confusing information constantly being thrust your way.

Module 4 – Your Game Plan & Tools

  • Strategize your “sweet spot” that maximizes your time, energy, and money investment for your health.
  • Create your roadmap starting with right where you currently are.
  • How to create greater and greater momentum of health day after day.

Module 5 – Setting a Lifelong Course

  • Learn confident, effective ways to create lifelong health.
  • Avoid the 5 common mistakes that almost everyone makes when seeking to be healthier.
  • Tips for getting your family, friends, and health-care providers to support you. Good-bye sabotage, hello success.

Module 6 – Elevate Your Health Naturally

  • Create your health around your busy life.
  • Discover the structures that work to support plenty of energy for what must get done, so you can also do what you want to do.
  • Receive strategies to evaluate what you’ve learned to maximize your health for the least amount of effort.


  • The “Creating Health Naturally” e-book complete with playsheets.
  • A Guided Audio on “Tapping into Your Health Blueprint”
  • “50 Ways to Leave Your Ill Health & How to REALLY Set an Intention” Checklist
  • “How to Promote Healthy Sleep” Checklist
  • “How to Interface with Your Health Care Provider” Checklist
  • A 3-part Audio on the Quantum Qi Healing & Releasing process

Dear Laurie,

I don’t want to take too much of your time but I had the most wonderful experience this morning.   I sat down and became quiet in my mind when all of the sudden this feeling of warmth and wellbeing began filling my body from that low place.  I felt such a sense of happiness.  I asked why it was so happy and it said because now I can talk with your inner consciousness and activate health for you.  Then this energy filled my body (all the while I’m just observing it all) it was in glorious peach, & orange tones. As it flooded my body it went outside and surrounded me – like a thick gel.  I am telling you Laurie it was incredible and SO enjoyable, my energy was bigger than me.   Before I left for work I was curious about the color and looked it up on the web – orange is change energy – interesting isn’t it?

Your program has certainly supported me in connecting the dots between my practice in meditation and living an intended life. WOW - what incredible freedom!!  Thank you. Thank you for being the catalyst in my life.

~ Lauren H.

Your investment is covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  You have until the third class to read, listen, and use the materials included in the program.  If, before the third class, you don’t feel like this program delivers the awesome value you’re looking for I’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.

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This sounds wonderful Laurie, but I’ve tried so many things that were supposed to make me healthier.  What makes your different?

Great question.

First, although there are many options to become healthy, there is only one way that is both healing and sustainable:  allowing your intelligent blueprint for health to emerge from you.

But mentally registering that and knowing how to get every cell in your body on board…that’s something that almost no one else is teaching.

It’s because you need both the internal and external resources to create sustainable health.

Health requires an internal awakening and an external strategy.

When you complete “Create Your Health Naturally” you’ll have experienced the internal awakening, mindset adjustments, and game plan clarity you need to foster the health that currently lies dormant inside of you.  And it’s permanent!  Nor does it doesn’t require sheer will.  In fact, once you awaken and align, your health becomes a habit.

Should I do this program if I’m already working with a health care provider?

Definitely – That’s the best time!

Here’s the thing:  I see so many people who struggle, even with the help of a health care provider.  They end up wasting their money because they don’t have all the pieces required.

Why not make sure the money you spend on your health is going to actually work?

How do I know I’ll actually improve my health?

If you’re planning on living with a sense of well-being for as long as possible, that means you need to make choices that support that.  You are making choices anyway, I imagine making the right ones is what you’re aiming for.

You’re also spending your hard-earned money and time on those choices.  If that hasn’t gotten you where you want to be, where you know in your heart you should be feeling.  Something’s got to give.

What would it be worth to you to streamline the money you spend trying to get healthy?  If you could actually create it so the money you spend supporting your health pays off?

Imagine if you felt like you’re supposed to, what that would mean to your family, to your work life, to your own heart.

Some of my clients report this and more.  They find love, they make more money or have enough energy to switch careers, discover a creative side, in just a few weeks or months.  Multiply this by all the years you have left to live…it’s a no-brainer.

It is hard for me to say in a few lines what Laurie’s program has meant to me but I will try to keep it brief and simple:  Laurie’s program is so empowering and has proven to me that nothing is impossible and that all of my health goals, dreams, wishes and desires –including getting pregnant FAST- are possible.  All the power to do everything and overcome any condition being mental or physical is within us, but sometimes we need guidance and support to unleash that power.  This program gave me the tools to open that stream of power and to instill it in everything I do.   Not enough words to say thank you, simply the best.

~ Maria B.

But this program isn’t for everyone.

For those of you wanting a magic health pill, I’ll invite you to search elsewhere.  This isn’t another snake oil potion, magic bullet, guaranteed to make you healthy in a week.

This is for you if you’re ready to take action and get real about your health.  You have to do the work of the program to get the results.

So how do you know if this is right for you?

  • You care about your health, and yet you’re frustrated that everything you’re already doing doesn’t seem to meet the mark.
  • You want to feel healthy and whole every day, and you’ve tried, but it doesn’t seem to stick for the long term.
  • Your willing to take action, let go of dead weight, and bring on the right stuff. To prioritize your health, and still take care of your life.
  • You know you need to do something different or things will continue to slide in the direction of more and more health problems.

Yes, Laurie!  I’m in for ‘Creating Your Health Naturally’.

I understand I’ll receive:

  • 6 (six) 90-minute Training calls
  • Creating Your Health Learning Guide, Playsheets, Templates, and Tips
  • MP3’s of all calls, to listen over and over
  • Exclusive access to the ‘Create Your Health Naturally’ private Facebook forum

Templates and Tips package:

  • The “Creating Health Naturally” e-book complete with playsheets.
  • A Guided Audio on “Tapping into Your Health Blueprint”
  • “50 Ways to Leave Your Ill Health & How to REALLY Set an Intention”
  • “Promoting Healthy Sleep”
  • “How to Interface with Your Health Care Provider”
  • 3-part Audio on the Quantum Qi Healing & Releasing process

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