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  • Parallel Parking

    I live on a street with a medium amount of traffic.  The neighborhood is residential and commercial (mostly doctors offices) and the same time every morning people are swarming for parking spaces early.  I happen to be out watering my garden around the same time so I see this regularly. This morning a gal was […]

  • Ready to Unkink Your Hoses?

    Imagine a scale, the kind that balances two sides between a fulcrum.  Got it in your mind’s eye?  Let’s say the right side of the scale is green and that is the side of your health choices.  

  • How to UnKink Your Hoses

      Audio Class: Your Life is Only as Good as You Are Healthy… Human beings can learn any skill, especially if they want it bad enough.  Being healthy is a skill anyone can learn.  You can CREATE your health.  Step by step, I promise.The inside of your body is a network of pathways, think […]

  • HEAL

    Check to see how you’re doing.  This is a great way to start your New Year.

  • Recipe for Your Health

    “What if the path to healing is not about doing something new, but unlearning patterns that make you unwell?” It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? I heard it the other day, and it caught my attention.  I’ve been pondering it ever since, taking note of how worthy it is of contemplation. It isn’t usually one […]